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Up to a 30 year insurance-backed guarantee

New timber decking supplied

Flexible payment options

Environmentally friendly

Warm-deck insulating properties

Our flat roof systems are built to last with up to a 30 year guarantee and a proven life span of over 50 years, why settle for anything less?

Unlike some roofers who simply cover over the old roof covering with new, our works include removing all of the old roof covering and all timber sheeting followed by a full inspection of timber work.

At this point we can carry out repairs to timber and treat any timber work if required.

A warm deck full insulation package can be installed that complies with part L (energy efficiency) regulations if necessary.

We then install all new 18mm structural grade timber decking and secure it with galvanised nails. All our timber is moisture resistant, CE marked and complies with EN13986 regulations.

We never use inferior chip-board products that lose their strength over time. 

After all the timber and preparation work is completed we then apply the rubber roof system. This comprises of water based adhesives, edging and corner trims and a one-piece rubber covering.

When the roof finally comes to it’s end cycle our roof system is the most environmentally friendly product to dispose.

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